Welcome to MC Creative! You will find general rules for business conduct below. Please refer to your personalized project email for specifics regarding your project.


1.1 All projects require a 50% (or 25% for projects over $1,000 USD) non-refundable down payment.

1.1.1 Initial payment(s) signify a project kick-off. MC Creative will not begin work until initial payment has been received. Final payments signify a project completion. MC Creative will release final files once final payment has been received.

1.2 New projects will be invoiced within 5 business days of initial project request and are subject to the terms above.

1.3 In an unlikely event we choose to part ways halfway through a project/contract, down payments made up until the date of the written cancellation request are non-refundable.

1.4 Invoices are Net 10. Late payments are subject to a $20.00 / DAY late fee. No exceptions. If there is an unexpected life event, the client must notify MC CREATIVE before the next invoice date so that arrangements can be made.

1.4.1 In the event of a major life event, (birth of a child, death of a friend or family member, severe illness), a project can be paused and resumed at a date to be discussed.


2. All projects include a 1 HR kickoff call. During this initial point of contact MC CREATIVE and the client will outline a list of expectations, and the dates in which they are to be completed. MC CREATIVE will do everything in its power to complete projects in the defined time to the best of its ability.

2.1. MC CREATIVE will submit a detailed proposal (Scope of Work) for all projects. A Scope of Work is an outline of project deliverables. If or when additional tasks/projects arise outside the original agreed upon Scope of Work, new items will be discussed and the project will be reevaluated. A new Scope of Work will be agreed upon.

2.2. Client is responsible for proofing, and signing off on all written copy, and writing in design works before they go live, are sent to print, or presented to eliminate copy errors. Copy errors found in signed off works are the responsibility of the client, but MC CREATIVE will fix at no additional cost.

MC CREATIVE offers an additional proofreading service at the cost to the client via a trusted outside contractor.

Example: E-Newsletter copy must be signed off by the client before sending out to an audience.

2.3. For Retainer Clients: A detailed report will be submitted at the end of each month outlining the status of projects.


3. Hourly rates for 2021-2022 are set at $100.00 USD / HR.

4. Our working relationship is that of an independent contractor. Nothing in The Rules: 2021-2022 implies partnership, agency, joint venture, cooperative or traditional employment relationship. No part of MC CREATIVE’S compensation will be withheld by the client for things like, Social Security, Federal, State or other employee payroll taxes.

5. Any work contracted and paid for during this agreement is sole property of the client. MC CREATIVE must submit a written request via email or letter mail to use projects in any online promotions or portfolios.

6. Confidentiality: MC CREATIVE will not distribute, share or disclose any client information. MC CREATIVE agrees to protect all confidential information shared between it and the client. Confidential information includes but is not limited to: Customers, research, financial information, purchasing, business forecasts, sales and merchandising, and marketing plans and information.

7. Legal: In the event of legal action, The Rules: 2021-2022 will be governed in all respects in the United States in the State of Vermont. Each party consents to ownership of individual expenses associated with any legal actions taken.