Reading Plus Branding Audit

During my tenure at Reading Plus I worked to update the company's brand standards to reflect a major redesign of its product, and companion training resources by streamlining color palettes, fonts, layout styles for PDF materials, and new project lead times -  which I packaged in a 10 page guide to be distributed company wide.


2019-2020 MC Creative Reading Plus Brand Guide - Case Study

The Problem

In rapidly growing companies who have yet to establish a solid cross-functional communication framework content isn't created in a consistent manner. Brands with inconsistent content are not viewed with the same level of respect and trust that visually consistent brands are.


I intentionally outlined brand elements commonly used in branded content across various teams in the organization. Colors, fonts, stroke widths, as well as new project lead times - doing so helps bolster consistent content and holds creators accountable...helping to create trust with clients and users.