Landing page and additional marketing collateral.

Client: Lizz Smoak | Role: Freelance Creative Director

I collaborated with Lizz Smoak, an industry leader in the spiritual coaching industry to brand a campaign for a high level workshop she ran. We drafted a custom landing page designed for female entrepreneurs in their mid-thirties who had some success in business but were at an impasse.

We wanted to create a seamless on-boarding experience for learners and ensure ease of use through on-brand type and Visual design, coupled with soothing imagery and messaging.

I was responsible for creating the logo, brand guides, social media images, affiliate marketing images, and landing page. I was able to have creative control over all the visual communication, which ensured brand consistency and ultimately helped Lizz connect with her audience and deliver her message in a stress free way.

Project Highlights: One of the ads I designed for this project appeared on a virtual summit for Oprah Winfrey’s ‘Belief’ series.