Reading Plus

Help Center Experience (UI/UX)

Client: Reading Plus | Role: In-House Senior Graphic Designer (eLearning)

I worked with the development team to the visual design on, and implement a refreshed, and improved help center: The Learn Site, for educators, administrators, and students. We worked together to iterate the design, research optimal solutions for our target audience, and implement the high-fidelity mockups into a usable product.

We launched The Learn Site in tandem with the new software redesign and populated it with tons of resources to help people learn to use the new software, but also to help teachers hone their students' literacy skills. The Learn Site serves as an online home for PDF tutorials, skills worksheets, class planning ideas, and full interactive eLearning modules that guide learners through real-life use case scenarios they will encounter in the classroom.

I was responsible for doing the visual design - researching solutions, wireframing, and creating the high-fidelity mockups. I created icons, patterns, and textures for the landing page, and also created most of the content (PDFs, and eLearning modules) held within it as part of my position at the company.