I’ve spent the entire morning studying the morning routines of people who are far more successful at entrepreneurship that I’ve been. I figure there has to be something there.

Falling down this rabbit hole is the direct result of my seeming inability to design (then stick to) my own routine. I know they are important for achieving goals, maintaining sanity in life’s chaos, and for health and wellbeing. The human body physically CRAVES routine and seems to thrive with it. Here’s some science that talks about it. 

I don’t write about science though, I write about experiences and conversations I have with other humans about the practical application thereof.

Here are 10 things I’ve learned from reading (60+) other entrepreneur’s routines.

  1. Trying to replicate someone else’s routine will backfire. If nothing else, this is an exercise in truly knowing yourself.
  2. Around 60% spend 10 minutes journaling and start their day out with a 5 item gratitude list.
  3. Coffee is the preferred beverage over tea and was referred to as a ‘ritual’ more often than any other descriptor.
  4. Dogs were the pet mentioned as the most important part of a morning routine by a vast majority of entrepreneurs. Hey, we friggin’ love our dogs. I can confirm this.
  5. Morning time = me time. This roughly ranged from 7:30 – 10AM and included things like, meditation, tidying up, enjoying the first (cause there’s like, 5 more) cup of coffee, working out and reading the news.
  6. Almost everyone mentioned dedicating time to physical activity, usually in the mornings.
  7. Everyone checks their phones first thing in the morning and no one wants to be that guy. We’re all that guy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Each person seems to have their day planned like a sandwich – AM = Me Time. Middle = Chaotic Work Time. PM = Unwind Time. A majority of people mentioned that they were far more stressed and upended during the middle chaos work time if their morning routine was disrupted.
  9. Headspace was a commonly cited app used to help guide a 10-15 minute meditation. (I’m planning on trying this.)
  10. Weekends are set aside for exploration, fun, and not having a routine.

I hope you’ve found my digested and regurgitated words insightful. I’m going to be using this information to start intentionally designing my own morning routine with the hope that as we move into winter, I’ll be able to surf the wave of momentum and get it before it (seasonal depression, duh) gets me.

I leave you with these parting words by Sam Conniff Allende

The early morning compulsion to check status updates, notifications, followers, and so on becomes the crack habit of the soul if not kept in check. Humanity at its lowest ebb is finding yourself sat doing a poo before 6:00am while checking Facebook.”

Want to read about other people’s routines for yourself? Visit this website: My Morning Routine.

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