The Internal War of Fear and Inspiration

Change happens a few different ways in life – there’s the kind that forces itself on you unexpectedly, blindsiding you when you least expect it, and a kind that you deliberately seek. There is, of course, a more common, awkward hybrid of the two. As time evolves and our relationship to our experiences come under scrutiny, what is unexpected is finding inspiration and drive to do and be better in that fearful moment of contrast.

I, like many creative entrepreneurs, have participated in the internal war of fear VS inspiration that I believe defines ‘being human.’ What we want and what we have earned butt up against what we feel we deserve and the spirit crushing ‘what ifs’ society likes to remind us of. How dare we question ways of living that prioritize happiness over the status quo definition of success. Who are we to dream that there may be a better way – who are we to not want to settle.

Who are we to even think about casting away the bonds that keep us stuck in a lifestyle that reveres the sacrifice of happiness.

It’s much like the Matrix in that, once you take the blue pill you can never go back. The internal war between fear and inspiration is now forefront because you can no longer hide from it at a desk, or a bar, or in a cafe. Taking responsibility for your life, and your career has the unpleasant side effect of letting all of your demons loose at once. It is now your job to wrangle them, and prioritize personal growth in addition to everything else you have now elected to take responsibility for.

And it is hard. And it is exhausting. And it is painful. And it is beautiful.

This war is not about decisions like, what job to take, or what country to live in. It is about self-worth, self-respect, and self-love. It’s about making a conscious choice to be happy, every single day. It’s about fighting the fear that tells it is impossible to successfully cultivate a life full of things, and people that bring us joy. It’s about finding the inspiration to let go of the stuff that doesn’t support our dreams and goals. It’s about discovering what makes us thrive, and going after it.

So, be brave out there. Acknowledging your own personal happiness, and the contrast between it and societal norms is one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do. There are very real reasons to settle around every corner, and there are sound, logical arguments coming from people in your inner circle for not rocking the boat.

Go ahead, rock the boat.

It’s the first step to self discovery.

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