20180629 MC Creative Blog 10 Reasons Why Having a Designer on Staff Rocks

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

While this applies to so many things in life, (like, pouring an entire bottle of hot sauce into a pot of chili) it especially applies to business development, and the sanity held therein. If making social media graphics in Canva gives you the heebie jeebies, don’t do it. That feeling is your gut telling you that time would be better spent elsewhere, like, writing copy for your next eBook, or talking with your clients: Doing something you truly LOVE.

That’s where having a designer on staff comes in.

Whether it’s getting an extra set of hands on your webinar designs, or working with someone to hone brand consistency, there are countless reasons why having a designer on staff will save you time, and ultimately, money.

10 Reasons Why Having a Designer on Staff, Rocks.

  1. Strategy. Designers don’t just make pretty pictures. We’re trained to see your brand as a whole, a living entity that has many moving parts. That’s why every package from MC Creative comes with a 30 min – 1 hour strategy call.
  2. Asset management. There are few things in life that top the annoyance of looking for a file and not being able to find it, especially when you have literally 5 minutes to throw a graphic together.
  3. Project management. That literal 5 minutes to put a graphic together? Yeah, working with a designer on staff will likely avoid situations like that. Based on our strategy call, MC Creative will work with YOU to outline monthly design goals, and all of the pieces that go with it. If you know you’ll need a blog graphic for a new launch by mid-month, it’ll simply be there. Like magic.
  4. Cohesive brand presentation. Every designer likes to add his or her flair to pieces they’ve designed. It’s subconscious- while designers are trained to imitate the style of the brands we step into, it can lead to a bit of a mismash…which is confusing to clients.
  5. Trust. Working with one designer over time, builds trust. It’s like, having a wing man (or in this case, wing woman) with you at parties. Designers make you look good, all the time. It’s our job, and we love it.
  6. Money saving. All business owners know how much time is wasted on email and paperwork. Having a designer on staff with a retainer package cuts that email back and forth down significantly. There’s no need to ping pong quotes and estimates back and forth with a design on retainer, all of that paperwork gets taken care of once, at the first of the month.
  7. Predictability. After 1 – 3 months, we’ll get in a work groove and I will be able to start anticipating your needs. Working at Starbucks, of all places, taught me how to predict patterns and have coffee ready for customers before they arrived. That high level of service has stuck with me throughout my career as a designer, too.
  8. Freedom. Having a designer on staff that’s able to 1) Predict your needs, 2) That you trust and 3) That has all your brand assets (logos, fonts, colors ETC) on stand by, frees you up to create and dream and release your brilliance into the world.
  9. Speed. The world of the entrepreneur is always taking place yesterday. PDFs are due, yesterday, Webinars need to be presented, yesterday. Copy needs to be written, yesterday. Landing pages need to be designed, yesterday. Retainer packages from MC Creative come with priority service, meaning as my retainer client, your ‘need it yesterdays’ goes straight to the top of the pile.
  10. Partnership and collaboration. All of these things culminate into a beautiful partnership between client and contractor. I’m here to support YOU, in YOUR dreams and YOUR vision. Having that relationship means, you always look good, your brand standards are always upheld, and your needs are always anticipated. That’s what seamless collaboration is, and that is why MC Creative has implemented retainer packages for entrepreneurs.

Want to explore retainer packages, or talk more about what having a designer on staff looks like for your business? Please reach out and send me a message at:

hello@molliecoons.com, or pop over to ourĀ Contact page to get in touch.




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